The Morning After…

As I posted on Facebook last night I’ve finished the second draft of my novel, “The Inheritance.”  Even though I’m thrilled that it’s done and that my wife is finally reading it, there’s a bit of a letdown involved.  I’m sitting at my computer this morning and not working on it.  I need to step back from it for a while before starting the third draft but there’s this bit of restless energy in me that says ‘write something.’  So I take to my blog.

One of the things that surprises me about this project is how quickly it’s come together.  I first had the idea at the end of April and started writing right away.  Now it’s mid-November and I’ve written two drafts.  I don’t think any of my previous novel attempts ever came together this quickly.  Consider also that I don’t write full-time (I have this pesky thing called a job that keeps getting in the way).

What’s even more amazing to me is how this project broke a years-long case of writer’s block.  I had gotten to the point where I thought my dream of being a novelist was dead because I just couldn’t break the block.  “The Inheritance” has changed all that and I am grateful to God that it happened.  I feel rejuvenated, creatively, and am already dusting off my old plans for future novels, all set in my fictional city of Port Mason.  In fact, I’ve already chosen my next project.  Working title: The Leviticus Enforcer.

But I have to avoid getting too far ahead of myself.  “The Inheritance” still needs a lot of work.  There are mistakes to be corrected and I’m sure there will be new ideas for it once I recharge my batteries a bit.  Then comes the work involved in securing publication.  If I have to I’ll go the self-publishing route but I’ve already had an old friend mention that she has contacts in the publishing world so who knows, this thing might actually work out.  (thanks in advance, Annette)

I need to thank my wife, Angela, for all her love and support in this endeavor.  I truly couldn’t have done it without her.

One thought on “The Morning After…

  1. Honey, as you know, I finished your novel this afternoon. It was wonderful! At least as good as most published works I’ve read, and better than a lot of them. I am so proud of you!

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