An Exciting Time

I’m excited these days.  I think my novel, ‘The Inheritance,’ is just about ready to go.  I’ve decided to e-publish through Smashwords (sorry, no print edition yet) so hopefully it will be out early next year.  Work is progressing on my next book, ‘The Leviticus Enforcer.’  I look forward to the opportunity to write and bemoan the time when I can’t.  I haven’t felt like this in a long time.

‘The Inheritance’ came to me so quickly that it almost wrote itself.  Sure there were times when I got a little stuck while waiting for the next idea but for the most part it went very smoothly.  Hopefully my beta readers (a couple of people who are going over the manuscript with a fine-toothed comb) will agree and it will soon be out for what I hope is your reading pleasure.

I’ve always wanted to be an author but for the last few years I thought that dream was dead.  I had a terrible case of writer’s block and felt so worn down by my job that I had just about given up.  Then I had the idea for ‘The Inheritance’ and everything changed.  The experience of writing it has been so wonderful that I dusted off an old idea and started working it up into my next book. 

I guess I just wanted to say for even for a cynical, sometimes negative person like me there are times of hope and optimism.  This is one of them and I hope I don’t lose it.  If you have a dream, don’t give up on it.  After all, I still root for the Cubs.

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