A learning experience

I’ve mentioned more than a few times that I wouldn’t self-publish directly to Amazon for the Kindle because they wanted exclusive distribution rights.  Well, it would help if I’d read the fine print a little more closely.  That little clause only applied to books enrolled in something called Kindle Select.  When I discovered this yesterday I spent about twenty minutes mentally kicking myself in the butt for not catching this sooner. Last night I prepped the manuscript and uploaded it to Amazon.  As of today it is now available as a Kindle download.  Here’s a direct link:


I want to apologize to my friends and readers who use Kindle for not seeing this sooner.  The process of publishing The Inheritance has been even more of a learning experience than writing it was.  I’ve made a few mistakes along the way and imagine I will make more.  Stay tuned for print and audio editions. 

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