An apology…

Hello, everyone.  This journey of writing and publishing The Inheritance has been an eye-opening experience.  Based on some advice I got early on, I have been really pushing the book on social media, especially Facebook.  In doing that, I imagine that I’ve irritated offended some or all of my FB friends.  It didn’t occur to me until today that this might be the case.  If I’ve been too pushy or gone to far in my ‘shameless marketing campaign,’ I apologize.

I’m a member of a writer’s forum.  Today, I was browsing the message boards when I ran across a thread about using social media to promote books.  Other authors pointed out that excessive use of social media to promote a book doesn’t work. All it does is alienate your friends.  I suspect that’s exactly what I’ve been doing, though you folks have been far too nice to say anything.

At any rate, I’m going to really dial it down on Facebook.  I’ll still use the cover art as my avatar and will gladly respond to requests for information about the novel, but I’m not going to do the kind of heavy promotion on Facebook that I’ve been doing.  I am grateful to those who have bought the novel for their support.  I am also grateful to those who have expressed support and good wishes whether they bought a copy or not.  Friendship is more important than book sales.

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