A Mea Culpa

Here’s the short version:  I screwed up, big time.

I have just finished uploading revised versions of The Inheritance. These versions, I hope, remove the many grammatical and other errors that seem to have found their way into the book despite our best efforts to submit a clean manuscript.  I feel awful for all those who bought the sub-standard first edition and want to apologize.  I did not intend to put out such an inferior product and I’m sorry. 

In my eagerness to be published I made mistakes.  They say you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.  I hope this time that doesn’t happen.  For those of you who bought the book through Smashwords, you already have the rights to download a fresh copy.  Kindle readers can do the same.  I don’t know about Barnes & Noble customers but I suspect that it will probably also be allowed.  It will take about a  week for the new edition to be delivered to B&N, though, so don’t try it just yet.

To those of you who bought the print edition, I will try my best to make it right.  If you contact me at robertgonko@gmail.com, I will try to replace your copy as soon as the new version is available.  I will pay for your new copy. 

Again, I apologize for submitting a sub-standard product.  This mistake will not be repeated with my next book.

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